Alice! is a comedy webcomic by Michael McKay-Fleming. It is composed of a mix of gag strips and short story arcs, mostly the latter. Alice combines fantasy sequences with real-life situations in a manner reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes without nearly as much social commentary. After coloring the occasional strip for most of its run and switching to very large, full-colour ones for a while, Michael is now delivering the comic in a conventional black-and-white, four-panel newspaper format.

The strip was on hiatus from July 7th, 2006 to October 24, 2012. The web comic went on hiatus again in October 2, 2014. Alice was a member of Keenspot until October 2, 2014[1].


The core of the comic is formed by a trio of Canadian preteens/early teenagers. They all moved from grade seven to grade eight at the relaunch.

  • Alice Dobson - The eponymous main character, Alice is a cheerful and active redhead girl with an imagination the size of Montana that leaves little room for a grip on reality. She initiates and dominates the many and varied fantasy sequences and is a majority supplier of mayhem, and also by far the least boy-crazy of the lot.
  • Dorothy "Dot" Robert Carroll - A strong-willed and realistic straight-man to Alice, Dot is in many ways a contradictory character. She has a strong friendship with Alice and serves as a voice of reason that is seldom listened to. Constantly featured in Alice's imaginings and as often irritated by them, there is some evidence that her resistance is at least partially a facade. Dot grew up with three older brothers, and consequently has been known to hogtie bullies with their own braids when pushed.
  • Joanne Kovanchuk - The third girl of the trio, Joanne went into puberty with a gung-ho attitude. A budding man-eater, all signs say that she would've ended up as yet another popular gossiper was it not for her association with the other two. Joanne enjoys Alice's flights of fancy more than Dot claims to, but is seldom included in them. She should not be trusted with anything stereotypically associated with teenagers.

About the Creator

Michael McKay-Fleming is a Canadian comic artist whose previous works include Delta Venture [2] and The Shadow[3].


McKay-Fleming released a spin-off book of Alice! called Alice: Forsooth! Methinks yon Lass hath a Screw Loose.


  3. "Update". Keenspot. 7 January 2015. Web. Retrieved 22 February 2017. "First off the other comics (The Shadows and Delta Venture) are no longer here. The Shadows will be moving to a new site some time in the future. I'm not sure what if anything I'll be doing with Delta Venture."

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