Awkward Zombie is a comedy webcomic about video games by Katie Tiedrich. It was launched in 2006.


The comic consists of gag-a-day parodies of ridiculous situations that could occur in video game worlds such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and Metal Gear Solid, but some include Tiedrich herself as a character. The comic is entirely non-sequential, with no main characters or plotlines. Because of this, the comic can be read entirely out of order.

Content Warnings

Awkward Zombie features blood and cartoon violence. It also features characters from video games rated Mature.

About the Creator

Katie Tiedrich lives in Wisconsin and makes spaceship parts[1]. She is married to Norrin, who occasionally writes some strips.


Awkward Zombie: Volume One was funded by Kickstarter[2] in June 2012, and is available through Level Up Studios[3].


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