Bishops of Bastard is a comic series that began in the Spring of 2011 under the banner of Mikey Comics.  The series started off as an online joke, but bloomed into an entire universe covering multiple themes and genres. The series was created by graphic artist Darnell Deepwell and freelance writer Mickey Random.

Some issues of the comic are hosted on Scribd[1].

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  • Violence: Cartoon violence, impalement, dismemberment, shooting
  • Profanity: Frequent slurs, heavy profanity, sexual innuendo
  • Adult Themes: Sex, prostitution, implied nudity


The Bishops of Bastard series takes place on an alternate timeline, but begins as early as 3200 BC in the city-state of Sumer when a group of celestial beings known as Lumi-Visians visit earth and share their knowledge with the Eber people.  The Eber are told that one day an entire network of free information will spread across the globe. 

The visiting light beings refer to this system as the Universal Library. To protect this vast information network, the lead Lumi-Visian Jolen-Heli promises to send a being he calls "The Promised Key" to secure and keep the Library on earth. The information in the Library is coveted by the hordes of the Hæysux, malevolent outer space satyrs whose sole purpose is to corrupt, consume and conquer.

By the end of the 20th century, the Universal Library finally manifests on earth; mortal men call it The Internet.  The faithful followers of Jolen-Heli still await the coming of the Promised Key, also known as the Internet Saviour. An Arch Bishop named "Masked Bastard" is appointed to find a young lady named "Sarai" and bring her into the Social Media Church.  According to a prophecy in the Book of Bastard, Sarai (meaning "Sarah") is the mother of the Internet Saviour.


  • NSFW (Webcomics) - The first tier.
  • Beginnings (Novellas) - A prequel series to NSFW.
  • Foremost (Presentations) - Historical canon of the entire saga.
  • Addendum - Second tier, takes places years after NSFW.
  • Ascension - Third tier, takes place after Addendum.
  • Raunch & Righteous Series (Spec Scripts) - Parody of the Fast & Furious franchise.

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