Brawl in the Family (abbreviated BitF) was a gag-based webcomic hosted on Keenspot starring Kirby, and featuring various video game characters, mainly those that have appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series. It was written and drawn by Matthew Taranto, AKA TriforceBun from the Phoenix Wright Musical Project.

The comic usually uses a fairly simplistic art style, originating from bored-in-class sketches and doodles. There is more complex art on occasion, including homages and tributes to the styles of other artists.


Brawl in the Family has an internal story that is carried through story arcs. These feature Nintendo characters such as Kirby and King Dedede as well as the Mario brothers. However, most strips outside of story arcs include gags and commentary on Nintendo games.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Unknown
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


The web comic's Halloween strips contains some references to violence and horror.

About the Creator(s)

Matthew Taranto's other works include the video game soundtracks of Nefarious and Quest of Souls, and the game Tadpole Treble under the handle BitFinity[1].


Three volumes of the comic have been released in print and digitally. They can be bought from the site's bookstore [2]



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