Cyanide and Happiness is an ongoing gag-a-day webcomic series by Matt Melvin, Rob Denbleyker, Kris Wilson, and Dave McElfatrick.


Cyanide and Happiness is a daily webcomic. Unlike many other popular webcomics, it has no common storyline and no consistent plot. It however has a variety of daily insights, jests or purely satirical 1 - 12 frame comics, primarily for the purpose of entertaining teens and young adults. However, exceptions to the above rule are made with recurring character appearances.

Creation Edit

In the wake of the folding of flash stick figure website Stick Suicide in late 2004, three individuals, web designer Matt Melvin of San Diego along with artists Texas-born Rob DenBleyker and Wyoming-er Kris Wilson (Also known as "Kris In A Hat") moved on immediately to form the website Explosm with the intent to host all of the existing creations of DenBleyker and Wilson, but also with the intent to bring something new to the table.

Early in 2005, Matt Melvin, formerly only an administrator and designer for the website, began to make comic contributions. Before long, his comics were considered to be of the standard of Wilson and DenBleyker. He then officially became a fellow Cyanide and Happiness artist.

Through the year of 2005, fellow Stick Suicide expatriate Dave McElfatrick of Northern Ireland made sporadic (though considerably effective) additions to the comics. In early 2006 McElfatrick officially joined the artist team.

Content Warnings Edit

Cyanide and Happiness strips reference or depict violence and sexual acts.

Releases Edit

To date, five Cyanide and Happiness books were released by Explosm through ItBooks:

  • Cyanide and Happiness
  • Ice Cream & Sadness: More Comics from Cyanide & Happiness
  • Punching Zoo
  • Stab Factory

In addition, Explosm releases weekly online shorts of The Cyanide and Happiness Show via Youtube.

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