Devil's Candy is a fantasy / supernatural comic about the everyday lives of plucky devilboy Kazu, and his newly created Frankenstein daughter / school project, Pandora.


Devil's Candy takes place in a world inhabited by demons and monsters, living dangerously boring lives as office workers and school children. One such child is Kazu, a brilliant yet naive devil boy who makes a Frankenstein-like girl for his biology project at Hemlock Heart Academy, the only mixed-race school in the devil world. Though brutish and blunt, young Pandora learns a lot from her caring "father" (and the wonders of television) about the world (and justice!). Pandora's journey into the stagnant and prideful world of devils has begun, and perhaps she can be the change its been looking for.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Cartoon Blood, Realistic Blood or Gore
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Partial Nudity


Some characters (temporarily) lose limbs in this webcomic, and blood reappears frequently.

About the Creator(s)

"Bikkuri" (a.k.a. Clint Bickham) is the writer of the comic. He is a prolific manga adapter, voice actor and script writer for Sentai Filmworks and FUNimation.

"Rem" (a.k.a. Priscilla Hamby and "Tsulala") is the illustrator of the comic. Her previous works in comics include winning entries to Tokyo Pop’s Rising Stars of Manga Competition (Devil's Candy in 2002) and the (now-defunct) Morning International Manga Competition, adaptations of two novels (Vampire Kisses and Soulless). She is currently working on illustrations for Sparkler Monthly’s Tokyo Demons.


Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Devil's Candy were formerly available in print through the site's online store, which is currently unavailable.


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