False Positive is a surreal horror webcomic created by Mike Walton. It launched in October 2011.


The comic is an anthology collection of short stories divided into different chapters, each telling a unique stand alone story. The stories all tend to depict characters and situations common to many popular horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genre tropes.

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The language of False Positive has been described as PG-13, however the comic depicts graphic violence and gore.

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Mike Walton is an illustrator and comic book writer based in San Diego, California.[1]

To date, all stories featured are written and illustrated by Mike Walton, with the exception of the 11th chapter of the first season, entitled, Constriction,  which was written by Mike Walton and illustrated by Daniel Govar. Constriction was reformatted and reprinted in Heavy Metal Magazineissue number 283, the Fear Issue.

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Four digital books of False Positive are available through Comixology[2]. No prints have been made of the series yet.

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