Fanfyria is a supernatural fantasy adventure webcomic written and illustrated by Denitsa "Denny" Petkova since September 29, 2010. The first Fanfyria series ran until May 29, 2014, with a second series beginning September 22, 2014.

The comic is currently on hiatus[1] since March 18, 2015[2].


The story of Fanfyria 1 centers around Denny, a girl who is swept from her high-school classroom and ends up in Fanfyria, a parallel world in which muses, the inspirations of creative ideas in the human world, are incarnate. Denny joins with an "unmuse", whom she calls "Grumps" for his sour personality, in order to help reconnect him with his muse.

Fanfyria 2 rejoins Denny and Grumps in her freshman college year, returning the two to the world of Fanfyria.

About the Creator

Denitsa Petkova is a Bulgarian illustrator that works as a concept artist for an indie game studio[1].


Fanfyria was released in paperback on April 30, 2016. [3]

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