Fisheye Placebo is a cyberpunk webcomic by Wenqing "Yuumei" Yan. It began on February 27, 2013.

The comic went on hiatus from November 2015 to March 2018 as Wenqing suffered a severe hand injury from overworking herself. However, determined to continue the comic, she enlisted the help of 3D artists to help "build" the sets so she could quickly paint over them and has since returned, releasing comics every 2-3 months.[1]


Vance just wanted to make the most out of his college experience under a totalitarian regime, and if that meant hacking into the university to assign himself a hot female roommate, then so be it. The last thing he expected was to be dragged into a crazy conspiracy to overthrow the government by his most-definitely-not-female roommate. College was meant to be exciting, but not this exciting. Between failed dates, failed grades, and successful hacks, Vance will slowly begin to question the morality of his actions and the true price of freedom.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Realistic Violence
  • Profanity: Explicit and/or frequent use of profanity
  • Adult Themes: Unexplicit Sexual Content


Yuumei has recommended the comic for people aged 13 and over, stating "Fisheye Placebo contains profanity, violence, and some mature subjects (such as references to pornography, poverty, government censorship, and surveillance)."

About the Creator(s)

Wenqing Yan, also known as Yuumei, is an University of California, Berkeley graduate with a focus on creating artworks and graphic novels that promotes environmentalism and cyber activism. She has been an active part of the online art community for over a decade and has gained over 300,000 followers on various social media through her art.

She has written and illustrated two published books and dozens more online graphic novels such as Knite and 1000 Words. In total her work has been view by millions. She uses the publicity to bring attention to issues that she cares deeply about such as pollution, climate change, online censorship and the ever expanding surveillance state.

She has been invited to speak at various events such as San Diego Comic Con and Berkeley China Forum about her art and involvement in the community.[2]


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