Freefall is written by Mark Stanley and, as of 2006, colored by George Peterson.


It takes place on a planet called Jean and the main characters are the crew of the Savage Chicken: Sam Starfall, a kleptomaniacal captain, his robot sidekick Helix, and an anthropomorphic Red Wolf engineer, Florence Ambrose. There is also a host of minor characters, such as Sawtooth, a giant construction bot; Mr. Kornada, a life-blind VP; and Winston, Florence's Veterinarian love interest.

Content Warnings

  • Violence: Implied violence
  • Profanity: None
  • Adult Themes: One instance of censored, "PG" nudity and some instances of implied nudity.

About the Creator





  • Freefall is noted as being one of the more scientifically accurate science fiction web comics available today.[1] Author Stanley has stated he intends to keep the science in the comic as realistic as possible without relying on deus ex machina (or "magic") devices such as "warp drive," "artificial gravity," or "transporter beams." The only handwaved technology in Freefall is the DAVE drive (Dangerous And Very Expensive) used for interstellar travel.
  • In 2001, Freefall was voted #1 Outstanding Science Fiction Comic in the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. [2]

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