Hiveworks is a creator owned publisher and studio that helps webcomic and online media creators turn their creative endeavors into sustainable businesses.


Hiveworks assists creators in making their webcomic more sustainable by increasing the comic's readership through ads and network websites while managing ads on the comic's site to generate revenue. It also offers other services such as assistance with Kickstarters, book design, merchandising, hosting, web design, an online store and convention attendance. Hiveworks sustains itself with a share of ad and merchandising profits. All other profits are redistributed to the artists and re-invested into Hiveworks.


Hiveworks does not own or control the comics' content in any way, but does look for high quality content and creators with a good work ethic. Genres and styles of all kinds are accepted.

Hiveworks takes submissions from May 15 to June 15. Submissions must be in English (though bilingual comics are allowed), must be made by people at or over the age of 18, and include[1]:

  • A summary of the story
  • An approximate production timeline
  • At least three finished pages of the comic
  • An example strip of the comic
  • Main character designs


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