It's Just another day is a comedic slice-of-life comic by BluRaven C. Houvener, first published online via social media in 2011. It's Just another day debuted on its own site on May 14, 2012 and was eventually moved to ComicFury, where it updates on Wednesdays.

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It’s Just another day follows the adventures of Jake and those close to him as they stumble their way through the hardships of life. Events unfold in a series of unnamed American towns, beginning with the first of many crushing blows: Jake and his family arrive home to discover an eviction notice taped to their door. The ensuing years intertwine the vagabond's existence the family is thrust into, with Jake’s lackluster love life as their first stop is into the basement of Jake’s overly religious girlfriend.

According to Houvener, “These are everyday events for these people [...] 'It’s Just another day' is dropped at very pivotal points in the story. It’s an offhand comment, words in the background, a thought as a bad thing happens. It’s the people and often times the world around them acknowledging that these things are really happening. That’s where a lot of the humor comes from.”

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Jake is the goofy, lighthearted, and undercover brooding lead character of It’s Just another day. When the story starts out Jake is 15 years old and the eviction of him and his family kick off a series of crushing blows. Now juggling love interest after love interest, school, his interests (comics/anime/games all being frowned upon in 2002- high school world Jake lives in), and responsibilities at home Jake has his hands full. As he jumps from house to house/girl to girl he starts to grow stagnant. This guy who was so ahead starts to witness his close friends grow and rapidly leave him behind. This leads to tension between him and his father who holds him back in hopes of protecting him from some unseen evils.

Jake is the pseudo self-insert of writer/illustrator BluRaven C. Houvener.

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It's Just another day has been known to depict strong language, sexual situations, nudity, some drug content, and mild violence.

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BluRaven C. Houvener is a Michigan based webcomic artist.

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