Let's Speak English was an autobiographical slice-of-life web comic by Mary Cagle. The comic is inspired by Cagle's experiences teaching English in a Japanese primary school, beginning in October 2013 and ending in September 2016.


Let's Speak English follows Mary Cagle's experiences teaching English in a Japanese primary school.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Unknown
  • Profanity: Moderate Profanity
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


The comic was given a Young Adult rating by Hiveworks.

  • Violence: One of the shows mentioned in the webcomic (the anime Attack on Titan) is rated Teen-14/TV-MA for violence.
  • Profanity: Rare. A couple uses of f**k (one appearing on a kid's hat), one or two uses of s**t, a few milder words.

About the Creator(s)

Mary Cagle, also known as "Cube Watermelon", is a webcomic artist from Texas, USA. Her other works include the webcomics Kiwi Blitz and Sleepless Domain.


Let's Speak English was released softcover book in January 2017 through Kickstarter's funding system [1].


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