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Misfile is a webcomic written by Chris Hazelton. It premiered on March 21, 2004. The comic focus on Ash Upton and Emily McArthur, two persons that had their lives changed due to a filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository caused by the troublesome angel Rumisiel, which made Emily become two years younger and Ash change from a boy to a girl, and they are the only persons that remember how they were before.

In its almost thirteen-year run, about a year of time has passed in the internal universe of the comic.


Rumisiel was exiled from heaven due to his bad behavior, and he must do good deeds to return to heaven and fix his filing error before his bosses discover it, which can worse his situation. Now Rumisiel lives in Ash's house and the three must pretend there is nothing wrong until he can return.

Content Warnings

Misfile contains sexual references, profanity, and partial nudity. It also deals with the themes of puberty, including frequent references to menstruation.

About the Creator

Chris Hazelton is the writer and artist of Misfile and 6-Gun Mage.


Twenty books of Misfile have been released via its store [1].




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