Not A Villain is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction web comic by Aneeka Richins launched on October 10, 2010. It follows Kleya Smith, a retired hacker, who joins the virtual reality of "L.i.F.e" in the hopes of redeeming her past.


Kleya Smith is a retired hacker who has started over in "L.i.F.e", a virtual reality that all of society depends on to function. L.i.F.e's main entertainment source is The Game, a role-playing game within L.i.F.e where winning players can find fame and fortune. L.i.F.e is moderated by TENka, which is still on the lookout for a certain hacker...

Content Warnings

Not A Villain includes some cartoon blood and themes of violence.

About the Creator

Aneeka Richins is an American self-taught artist. [1][2]


The first volume of the webcomic is available through the creator's site[3]. The creator also offers ebooks of the web comic for sale.


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