Prequel or Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure is an interactive webcomic based off the Elder Scrolls Series by Bethesda Softworks (specifically, Oblivion). It follows Katia Managan, an alcoholic Khajit, or cat-person.[1]


PREQUEL is an interactive story based on the Elder Scrolls series of games, though familiarity with the game is not necessary to understand the story. It follows the adventures of a shy Khajit woman after her arrival in the port city of Cyrodiil, hoping to start anew. Hilarity ensues.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Cartoon Blood, Fantasy Violence
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Sexual Themes


The webcomic mentions some objectionable content such as: Racism / racist puns, alcohol use, Nudity (or painted-on underwear). In addition, the comic contains some (cartoon) gore and blood.

About the Creator(s)

Kazerad is the writer of the webcomic, artistically assisted by Ch'marr and sometimes other artists.


Aside from the main comic, there exist several side stories that provide backstory for some of the characters. There is not an offline version of the comic.


None available.

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