Poppy is an action adventure comic starring Poppy, an anthropomorphic possum. The comic is currently in hiatus until June 2019.


Poppy O’Possum is a story about a mother named Poppy Odeletta Possum who lives on a world called Flora and wants nothing more than to retire to a comfortable homemaking life with her daughter, Lily. Unfortunately, living’s especially rough on Flora when you’re an opossum, and Poppy’s a regular trouble magnet. She’s moved to a little town in the Fenneclands called Eggton to try and start a new, low-profile life. This fails immediately.

Wild monsters, Mafia goons, military regimes, and even ancient magic conspiracies all want a piece of her, for reasons both mundane and unusual. But they’re about to bite off a lot more than they can chew, because a life of progressively harder knocks has turned this mom into one of the toughest, strongest women the world has ever known.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Cartoon Blood, Cartoon Violence
  • Profanity: Mild Profanity
  • Adult Themes: Sexual Themes


Poppy contains occasional violent/frightening content, crude language, and suggestive humor, and is recommended for ages 12+.

About the Creator(s)

I. Everett is a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design, illustrator and writer, and weird marsupial enthusiast.


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