Replay is an urban-fantasy[1] anthropomorphic[2] web comic by NotImportant. It follows Robert and Ada, survivors fighting in the demon-infused urban apocalypse.


A pact by a man named Faust has caused demons to appear on the surface, hungry for human flesh. Two survivors, Robert and Ada, travel with the military in the hopes of ending the threat. Robert carries a sword that seems to down the near-invincible demons, and Ada is studying pentacle-based magic.

Content Warnings

The comic is rated mature for violence.

  • Violence: Gore, stabbing, shooting
  • Profanity: Frequent.
  • Adult Themes: PTSD, survivor's guilt

About the Creator

NotImportant is a Polish[3] programmer who draws as a hobby.[4]


Replay has not been made available in print.


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  2. The characters in Replay have animal-like ears, and are described by their creator as nekomimi (catgirls; or, more specifically, kemonomimi).
  4. About replay.