Restaurante Macoatl (or simply Macoatl), is a webcomic about a Mexican Restaurant set on the pre-Hispanic setting of the Land of Great Coatlan.

The webcomic is published by Ruy Fernando Estrada on his Webpage in Spanish and in English

While many strips are stand alone jokes, many of them comprise long storylines or "sagas". The comic itself keeps a tight continuity where past characters and events are usually referenced but it rarely affects the understanding of the current story of the webcomic.


In the pre-Hispanic land of Coatlan, Checomal opens a restaurant - and hilarity ensues! Join him and and his crew as they try to widen the culinary horizons of the people of the land with their crazy adventures, exotic food and tons of puns.

The style of the strip its inspired by several of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico as well as the Mexican pop culture in general with several graphic elements making reference to the Aztec art.

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