Slightly Damned is a comic by Sarah "Chu" Wilson following the adventures of three teenagers who become friends while trying to solve an unusual murder.


A teenage girl named Rhea is mysteriously murdered and finds herself in the outskirts of Hell. There she meets the kind and friendly Demon Buwaro. Eventually the two are able to escape to the world of the living where they meet the fallen Angel Kieri. Together they journey through the world of Medius, encountering action, adventure, romance, comedy, conspiracy, and a lot of silly shenanigans.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Cartoon Blood, Cartoon Violence, Fantasy Violence
  • Profanity: Explicit and/or frequent use of profanity
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


  • Use of Alcohol (For comedic effect)
  • Character death

About the Creator(s)

Sarah Wilson is an alumnus of the University of California Santa Barbara, the JET Program, and The Center for Cartoon Studies. She makes her living as a self-employed artist making comics and illustrations. [1]


Slightly Damned books 1 and 2 are available for digital or physical purchase at the comic's store.


None available!

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