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Sluggy Freelance is one of the longest running, best-known and most popular webcomics, with a new comic released daily since August 25, 1997, except for 8 days in August 2001 and filler art on many other occasions. Written and drawn by Pete Abrams, Sluggy Freelance set many of the standards for web comics.

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While the strip began as a gag-based series in which the three main protagonists (Torg, Riff and Zoë) would stumble from one brief, bizarre, parody-centric adventure to the next, the characters and plotlines have gradually developed to the point that the storylines are longer and more serious. However, even the more dramatic and soap operatic story arcs often conform to the established "one punchline per day" format.

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There is plenty of sexual innuendo and cartoon violence but no strong profanity or explicit nudity.

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