Stand Still, Stay Silent (abbreviated SSSS) is a post-apocalyptic web comic by Minna Sundberg. It is set in the Nordic countries (including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) 90 years after the end of the apocalypse.

As of this writing, the comic is a part of Hiveworks.

Summary Edit

It has been ninety years since the end of the old world. Most of the survivors live in Iceland, the largest safe city against the Silent world. No one has attempted to explore the old world for its relics, though progress to expand the safe havens has been made. No one, that is, until now.

Content Warnings Edit

Stand Still Stay Silent includes violence, horror, and depicts disease in an often graphic manner.

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Minna Sundberg is a Finnish-Swedish artist who writes and illustrates the comic. Her previous web comic, A Redtail's Dream was created during her latter years of college[1]. She is also making a SSSS game set in an alternate universe called City of Hunger[2].

Releases Edit

The first book of SSSS was released on Hiveworks as a paperback[3] and eBook [4]. The book was funded via Indiegogo[5].

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Sundberg won a Reuben Award for Stand Still Stay Silent in 2015 in the Online Long Form category[6].

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