Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Inserts an infobox used to show data on webcomics. This template is used by Form:Webcomic Page and Template:Webcomic Page. It relies on Template:Infobox webcomic/data to structure the infobox.
{{Infobox webcomic
|rating =
|character tags =
  • name: The name of the webcomic. Defaults to the page name.
  • image: An all ages appropriate image representing the comic as a whole (e.g. the cover of an issue or the comic's logo). The default image is File:Example.jpg (Example). Do not include the File: prefix.
  • creator: The names or aliases of the comic's creator(s). Separate multiple creators with commas (,) such as John Smith (writer), Jane Doe (artist).
  • url: The main URL or web address of the site. When possible, these urls should contain the full HTTP address; do not surround the link with square brackets ([]).
  • rating: The overall rating of the comic.
  • genre: The genre(s) that the comic's story falls into. Separate multiple genres with commas (,).
  • format: The format(s) that the comic uses structurally and visually. Separate multiple formats with commas (,).
  • launched: The comic's start date online on the first site that hosted it.
  • ended: If the comic has officially ended, the date that the last comic was posted. If not, leave this blank.
  • updates: The update schedule of the comic. If exact dates are known, separate multiple days with commas (,). Examples: Monday, Friday or Monthly. If comic is on hiatus or has ended, then put On hiatus or Ended, respectively.
  • language: The language(s) the comic is written in. Separate multiple languages with commas (,).
  • rss: The rss feed(s) of the comic.
  • hosted by: The webcomic host (if any) of this webcomic
  • character tags: See Category:Comics by Character Type.
If an article is in the Main namespace, then it will be categorized based on several things, including its parameters:
1 Does this for every item. Requires commas (,) in order to list multiple items.

Note that no categorization will occur if the template is invoked on a page not in the Main namespace.


The following Properties are set by this template and the parameters it is given:

  • Created by: creator. (e.g. "John, Jane" becomes "Created by John" and "Created by Jane").1
  • Has genre: genre1
  • URL: URL
  • Launch date: launched1
  • Updates on: updates1
  • Content Rating: rating
  • RSS: url
  • language: language1
  • Image: image
  • Has character: character tags1
1 Does this for every item. Requires commas (,) in order to list multiple items.

In some cases, properties will be set even if the comic is not in the Main namespace.


The following example only includes the visual aspect of the template:

{{Infobox webcomic
|name= Example
|image= Example.jpg
|creator= Creator
|rating = Rating
|genre= Genre
|format= Format
|launched= Start Date
|ended= End Date
|updates= Update day(s)
|language= Language, Language 2
|rss= Website's Feed

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