The Dreamland Chronicles is an ongoing fantasy-adventure webcomic written and illustrated by Scott Christian Sava since. It is a 3D comic primarily rendered in 3D Studio Max, and is published under the Blue Dream Studios.


The story centers around Alexander "Alex" Carter, a college student who revisits "Dreamland", a realm largely inhabited by people of fantasy or mythological origins, after a long hiatus dating from childhood. With the elf princess Nastajia, with whom he falls in love, and their friends, he tries to free Astoria in the realm of Dreamland from the rule of the Nightmare Realm. However, his life in the "real" world becomes complicated, with his twin brother Daniel and fellow college student Nicole becoming remotely roped up in the adventures.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Cartoon Violence, Fantasy Violence
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


None available.

About the Creator(s)

Scott Christian Sava is a veteran in the animation and visual effects industry, working as a writer, director and animator for film, television, comics, and games. [1]


Six collections of chapters have been released, with a seventh book in the works. A virtual trading card game is in development for iPad.


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