The Last Halloween is a horror, action/adventure webcomic by Abby Howard.


One Halloween night, unearthly creatures emerge from shadows, attacking people en-masse. One little Halloween-goer, Mona, is tasked with fighting these monsters with the help of some strange new friends. Perhaps they will succeed, and humanity will prevail as it always has. Or perhaps this will be... The Last Halloween.

Content Warnings


  • Violence: Realistic Blood or Gore
  • Profanity: Unknown
  • Adult Themes: Unknown


Occasional gore, blood, visual horror, frequent violence.

About the Creator(s)

Abby Howard is an American artist who became a comic creator after submitting what would become The Last Halloween to the web reality show "Strip Search". Howard has since created the webcomic Junior Scientist Power Hour, and now co-hosts two podcasts.


The first volume of The Last Halloween was released after being funded on Kickstarter[1]. It is available through Topatoco[2].


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