The Skybox is a flashed-based single-panel webcomic by Megan Willis. The webcomic is drawn and presented in the style of a storyboard animatic

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The story follows Shanti, a skeptical and overworked high schooler whose plane crashed en route to India. Shanti is saved in midair by Phoebus, a gryphon that calls himself a Gryphside. Phoebus insists that he cannot land on the ground, but he will bring her to the one and only place he can...a mysterious, roaming cube that his kind call the Skybox.

What the Skybox is, how it got there, and how it changes the fates of all its inhabitants are all for Shanti to figure out…

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Fantasy violence, some swearing.

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Megan Willis is currently working in the animation industry, and has done storyboards and background design on series such as Axe Cop, Major Lazer and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She's also worked on a previous comic, Lunargyros, that ran for over five years before concluding the story.

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