The Young Protectors is an action-adventure-romantic webcomic written by Alex Woolfson, pencilled by Adam deKraker and colored by Veronica Gandini. It has been published since March 14, 2012 by Yaoi911.


The story centers around the adventures and romances of The Young Protectors, a group of superheroes. In the first arc, Engaging the Enemy, a young superhero, Kyle (code name: Red Hot), tries to navigate his way around both his sexuality and his superhero occupation, especially when the two intersect.

Content Warnings


  • Violence:
  • Profanity:
  • Adult Themes: Sexual Themes


The comic is not suitable for children and contain themes of mature romantic and erotic themes, as well as depictions of violence[1].

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  1. Yaoi911. "FAQ". "While they are not “adult content”, my comics deal with mature romantic and erotic themes and have scenes of very tense action and violence."
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