Twokinds is a fantasy webcomic created by Tom Fischbach [1]. It follows Trace Legacy, the former leader of a nefarious league of mages, and his interactions with Flora, a tiger-like woman. The comic began in 2003 [1] as a member of Keenspot.


In the world of TwoKinds, humans and Keidran, a short-lived race of animalistic people; are bitter enemies. Keidran are enslaved by humans and relationships between the two races are considered taboo. After Trace Legacy, a human mage, awakens without any recollection of his past or his location, he encounters a tiger Keidran woman called Flora and rescues her from enslavement. The two agree to travel together and they develop a bond that quickly becomes mutual attraction. As Trace gradually regains his memories, he and Flora must deal with the villains of his past.

Content warnings

Twokinds contains some mature themes, such as sexuality and violence. Nudity is implied and depicted in many scenes, though it isn't in detail. Additionally, the comic occasionally revolves around the theme of racism.

About the Creator

Tom Fischbach is an American artist who attended Raymond Walters College[1]. He is the elder brother of Youtube personality Markiplier[2].


Three volumes of Twokinds have been released[3].

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