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Goblyn's Comics
By: Keith Churchill
Rating: All Ages
Launched: 2011
Genres: Comedy
The comic is a strip comic that rotates between one-offs, recurring characters, and multi-part stories. Some of the recurring characters have "their own" comic strip.

Homestuck book one

By: Andrew Hussie
Rating: Mature
Launched: 2009
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Gaming
On his 13th birthday, John Egbert receives a mysterious new computer game: a beta version of an immersive simulation called Sburb. After he convinces his online friends Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley to play the game, the four 13-year olds learn that they have unwittingly triggered the apocalypse. To flee the destruction, they each enter a dimension outside of time and space, where they learn that they must win the game to create a new universe.

Winning the game won’t be easy however, along the way they encounter horrors such as: internet trolls who might not be as human as they appear to be, ghosts, aliens, alien ghosts, juggalos, sentient chess people, alternate timelines, plot holes, romantic drama, monsters, eldritch gods, teenaged versions of their parents, a time-travelling demon, and Andrew Hussie himself.

Guilded Age

Guilded Age
By: T Campbell, Erica Henderson, Phil Kahn
Rating: Teen
Launched: 2009
Genres: Fantasy
A Gastonian group of adventurers (the level-headed beserker Byron, the arrogant bard Best, the logical healer Syr'Nj, the thief Bandit, the raunchy "Paladin" Frigg, and the mystic Gravedust) do what adventurers do as they go about their days: defeat ancient evils, slaughter cultists, and complete quests. Soon, however, they are caught in the conflict between the The Kingdom of Gastonia and the World's Rebellion.

Meanwhile, in another world similar to ours, the CEO of a major gaming corporation toils at wizardry and the occult, determined to bridge the world between computation and magic... between his world and theirs.

A better place

A Better Place
By: Harry Bogosian
Rating: Teen
Launched: 2015
Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Dystopian
Hanna and Theo, a sister and a brother, stumble across an ancient power while playing in the woods. The entity gives them each a wish: Theo wishes for the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes and to fly, while Hanna wishes for the ability to create anything she wants. After the siblings gain their powers, Hanna dismisses the ancient entity and recreates the world. A century later, the world has become a better place.

...Or so it seems.


Grrl Power
By: Dave Barrack
Rating: Teen
Launched: 2010
Genres: Superhero, Action, Humor
In a world where real super heroes exist (but are extremely rare), Sydney Scoville owns shop selling comic books about superheroes. Sydney is accidentally involved in a bank heist that leads her being rescued by ARCHON, an organization of superheroes.

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