Users may be blocked from Webcomic Wiki if they being purposefully harmful or disruptive on the wiki. Users have a right to receive a warning from an Admin before they are blocked.

Reasons for Blocking Edit

  • Wilfully violating Wika's Terms of Use.
  • Repeatedly leaving vandalism or spam anywhere on the wikia.
  • Repeatedly harassing other users.
  • Abuse of user rights
  • Accounts with inappropriate or purposefully misleading usernames.
  • Ignored previous warnings

Appealing a block Edit

If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, please contact the Admin who blocked you on their message wall. If you are unable to edit at all on the wiki, leaving a message on the Admin's Community Central message wall is advised. Be sure to provide some sort of evidence to support your claim, preferably in a screenshot or a link of some kind,

As a final resource, you can contact FANDOM support for advice, FANDOM staff do not normally interfere with local community issues by unblocking users directly.