What should we do with this page

Looking at what we have so far, would anyone like to offer any suggestions for this page? --Ineni (talk) 19:58, April 1, 2017 (UTC)

Aside from laying-out the principles of Template:Webcomic Page, I think content-wise:
  • Article titles should be:
    • As non-styled as possible (e.g. A Better Place instead of A BETTER PLACE) and in their most common or simplest form (e.g. Prequel instead of Prequel: Making a Cat Cry)
    • Capitalized as if they were a title of a book instead of how they are given (e.g. Gifts of Wandering Ice instead of gifts of wandering ice)
    • However, alternate titles should be listed in the intro paragraph
  • Intro paragraphs should include genre(s), date launched, creator(s), and host (if any)
  • All creator descriptions should include references to prevent misrepresentation
  • The Summary section should be a little more than a synopsis (we need to decide if we want to include a basic character sheet or whatever)
  • Pictures and images should be encouraged, but not excessively
  • Creators must be encouraged to list their web comics on the site (while remaining neutral and such)
For the page itself:
  • The Manual of Style is not static and should be flexible with future updates
  • Page must be succinct yet clear on things that it will define clearly (such as no vandalism, no hate speech, etc)
  • Links to guides on formatting, how to use the templates on the wiki
I think it really boils down to how much information should be on an article and how said information should be presented. As of now, we haven't really decided on a firm guideline. ~ironwestie (talk to me) 23:04, April 1, 2017 (UTC)
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