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WUMO, (formerly Wulffmorgenthaler) is a webcomic and newspaper comic strip created by Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler. The name of the strip is a portmanteau created from the pair's surnames. The name was also given to a satirical TV series, broadcast on the Danish channel DR2 in 2005.

Publication historyEdit

Wulffmorgenthaler debuted in 2001 as a comic strip competition entry named Kalzone, completed a few hours before the entry deadline. Submitted under the pseudonym "Pernille Richter Andersson", the strip won the competition, and a one month run in the national newspaper Politiken.[1] The strip became a regular feature on DR's internet culture portal in 2002, and in October 2003 it became a regular daily newspaper strip in Politiken.[2]

As a webcomic Wulffmorgenthaler, receives more than 15,000 visitors a day, and the concept is developed as a series of animated short films for MTV Europe.

Content warningsEdit

Wulffmorgenthaler is aimed at adults, and includes mature themes such as satire, blood, gore, sexuality, and profanity.


The strip was for a period the focus of a debate concerning plagiarism, as the strip's followers voiced their concern over an advertising campaign by the Danish office of advertising agency DDB promoting the Volkswagen Golf GT, having appropriated its joke from a Wulffmorgenthaler strip.[3] In a reversed issue, Wulffmorgenthaler was accused of plagiarising a photograph that had circulated on internet, to which Anders Morgenthaler conceded that the duo had been inspired by the image and based a strip on it in the belief that it was a privately forwarded photograph.[4]

Releases Edit

Wulffmorgenthaler was adapted into a TV series parodying children's shows.



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